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San Marco Veneto Club


It was at the inauguration of the "La Rotonda" Hall that Maestro Barbini and Vincenzo Vanin planted the seeds, that is the idea, of founding a club for the Veneti resident in the Toronto area. This idea took root and the San Marco Veneto Club was founded by a group of Veneti that, at that time, met at the Bar Dolomiti on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto. They felt the need to meet more often and in a more organized fashion.

On May 16, 1970, the first General Meeting took place with 48 members. The following Board of Directors was elected:

Ottorino Bressan President
Luigi Donadi Vice President
Luigi Ghedin Secretary
Paolo Bortolotto Treasurer
Luigi Crotti Membership Director
Luigi Brusatin Social Director
Lorenzo Duso Counsel

Seven months later, the number of members soared to 355. In May 1971, the Club purchased its headquarters at 1322 Weston Road: an old church that was renovated by some members on a more or less voluntary basis.

The stated purposes of the San Marco Club cultural, recreational and in some cases, charitable. In fact, through the years, there have been many dances, dinners, card nights, card tournaments, games, picnics, bulletins and some good works: All of this in a "Veneto" atmosphere so as to maintain our traditions and customs. Who, from the San Marco Club, can forget the traditional annual Festival of "Crostoli" at Carnival, when the hall was bursting with people?

Towards the mid 1990's the hall was sold and the San Marco members found a friendly atmosphere at the Veneto Federation, to which they had belonged for many years.

The following are the presidents (past and present) of the San Marco Veneto Club:

Ernesto Barbini Honourary President for Life
Paolo Bortolotto Current President
Gildo Breda  
Ottorino Bressan  
Luigi Brusatin  
Bruno Buso  
Giuliano Ceolin  
Lorenzo Duso  
Natale Pin  
Arnaldo Scalini