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Club Trevisano Piave


The Piave Recreation Club was founded in 1971 by members who had immigrated to Canada from the towns of Paese and Volpago in the province of Treviso. The Club was founded to provide a social forum where members with a common heritage and background could participate in shared cultural activities and events. Approximately 80 people were present at the inaugural meeting of the Club on March 16, 1971 to elect the first board, which included Andrea Pozzebon (President), Guido Toffoletto (Vice President), Angelo Crosato (Secretary) and Antonio D'Ambrosi (Treasurer).

During its early years, the Piave Club organized a wide range of activities, including six yearly celebrations with the participation of more than 500 persons which included its members and friends. One of the Club's recent highlights was its 25th Anniversary Celebration, which took place on March 16, 1996 and which was attended by more than 300. At the event, the Club recognized its past presidents and members of past boards. Over the course of its 28 year history, the Club has been admirably served by five Presidents: Antonio D'Ambrosi (3 years), Franca Dotto (4 years), Luciano Fillipetto (3 years), Andrea Pozzebon (12 years), and Ginette Pravato (6 years).

The current board of governors includes: Ginette Pravato (President), Attilio Boiago (Vice President), Stefania Zoppi (Secretary), Teresina Bellinaso (Treasurer), Dino Nasato (Councillor), Silvano Pravato (Councillor), and Lucio Zoppi (Councillor).

Today, the Club still organizes its annual "Festa della Vittoria" on the first Saturday of every November to commemorate the victory of Italian forces at the Piave River in World War I. In February of each year, members take part in the Club's annual meeting and traditional dinner of "Polenta e Baccalà."

As one of the founding members of the Veneto Federation, the Piave Club works closely with the Federation of Veneto Clubs and Associations of Ontario. A number of activities which were previously carried out by the Club, including the popular Mother's Day Celebration, are now administered by the Veneto Federation. The Club is actively seeking new members and welcomes participation from past and current members interested in celebrating the common culture of their region in an interactive social setting. By becoming a member of the Piave Club, you will automatically become a member of the Veneto Federation and receive all of the privileges and benefits of that membership.

For more information on the Piave Club or on becoming a member, please contact Ginette Pravato 416-743-8881 at E-mail: veneto@terraveneta.org