Federation of Veneto Club & Associations of Ontario 7465 Kipling Ave. Woodbridge, ON L4L 1Y5 Tel.: (905) 851-5551 - Fax.: (905) 851-9878


Our History
The Rialto Banquet Hall began construction in early 1993 and was operational in time for the New Year's Eve celebration that same year. It has become the social centre of the Veneto Federation hosting innumerable dinner dances for our members. It has also been the main venue for many cultural events such as concerts by our own Corale Veneta, Coro Bimbi Veneti and other visiting choirs, art shows and it has been transformed into a theatre for plays and cinema

Our Hall
The Rialto Hall is a banquet and dining facility uniquely nestled in a secluded setting at the Veneto Centre less than a kilometer south of Highway #7 on Kipling Avenue in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Once inside, everything about this facility reminds you of the beauty  and elegance of a Venetian Villa. Passing through the large wrought iron gates, your first impression is that of being in a secluded open area in the middle of a wooded forest in the heart of the City. This, however is merely an appetizer for the senses; the feast begins as you enter the Rialto Room itself. The soft shades of green tie in with the greenery of the park setting. Fine Venetian crystal chandeliers imported from Murano give an elegant contrast to the imported Venetian bleached oak chairs and wainscotting. The walls are adorned with original works of art and prints from famous Venetian painters. 

The Rialto can easily accommodate 250 people for a sit-down dinner or 300 for cocktail receptions. For your special occasion, we can provide elegant Royal Doulton table settings and all menus are prepared by our very own chefs who provide an innovative Italian cuisine. Select from our list of fine imported wines or choose your own; with enough advance notice, we will make arrangements to provide it for you. Our friendly staff contribute to our tradition of excellence and service and will ensure that you and your guests are treated royally.

Because we are located on a 75 acre park, you can include the outdoors in your function. The outdoor pavilion is easily accessible from the Rialto Room and is a beautifule setting for an outdoor wedding, reception or function. The hall is also equipped with audio, video and light display equipment that can be used for corporate meetings and business functions


We welcome the opportunity to work with you, so that all your needs are taken care of. The staff takes great pride in making all your functions a memorable success.

Call us at 905-851-5551 to book your next occasion or function at the Rialto Special Event Venue


Fritelle are common in the Veneto community in this Carnival or pre-Lenten period. These fritters are special in this festive period perhaps due to the fact that cooking oil was a rather scarce commodity in the northern regions of Italy (olive trees have a harder time to thrive) and using oil to fry up a dessert was reserved for the most special of occasions. Following is my mother-in-laws recipe. Please note that all recipes vary a bit in their ingredient mix, but they usually all have the following ingredients in common: raisins, apples and/or oranges, and of course the elixir of life itself: Grappa.

4 cups of Milk
1 pinch of Salt
1 ½ cups Sugar
1 ¼ cups Durum Semolina
2 cups Raisins
1 large Apple - peeled and grated
1 large Orange - grated and juiced
1 oz of Grappa for the recipe; 2 oz of Grappa for the cook
4 Eggs (chicken)
3 cups Flour
4 teaspoons of Baking Powder

Place 1 ½ cups of sugar into a high sided bowl.
Bring the 4 cups of milk to a slight boil and add the pinch of salt.
Slowly stir in the 1 ¼ cups of durum semolina into the milk until the mixture firms up (approx. 3 minutes)
Immediately transfer the semolina and milk mixture into the bowl containing the sugar and mix very well and rapidly to avoid lumps.
Once the mixture is consistent, add the other ingredients: raisins, grated apple, grated orange and juice, grappa; add the 4 eggs once the mixture has cooled off a bit.
Add the flour in a bit at a time with the baking powder and stir slowly until a smooth and consistent batter is achieved. The batter must be firm enough to be pushed off the spoon with your finger.
Cover bowl with a cloth and let stand for 10 minutes.
In the meantime, heat several inches of sunflower oil in a wide frying pan.
Using a tablespoon, place a bit of the batter into the pan (the size of a Timbit). The fritters cook very fast (about 2 minutes) and need to be turned so they brown on both sides.
Cook only as many fritters as will fit in the pan without sticking to each other.
Once cooked, remove the fritelle and place on a cookie sheet covered with towels to absorb some of the oil.
Sprinkle with sugar while the fritelle are still hot.
Serves a multitude or you can eat them all yourself. Enjoy.